The outside of Slow Bloom

Slow Bloom Coffee Cooperative Has Retro Vibes, Solid Coffee

Enter the Slow Bloom Coffee Cooperative, and it feels like walking into the future and the past.

Located at 420 W. Colton Ave. in Redlands, the building has a ’70s vibe, with yellow textured windows and matching water glasses. The sign above the front door is in an almost psychedelic font, in a bright, rich orange. 

Inside Slow Bloom Coffee Cooperative. Photo credit: Off the 10

The menu, however, is thoroughly modern, with the latest coffee and tea concoctions, as well as seasonal specials. There’s also a case with baked goods, including chocolate croissants from the beloved Village Bakery in Calimesa.

Slow Bloom is a collective of coffee workers allied with UE, an independent labor union. On Slow Bloom’s website, the team writes, “We are mothers and fathers, family and friends; every one of us a passionate individual committed to our communities and the people we serve.” That passion is clear, from the friendly greeting at the register to the artfully poured coffee served piping hot. —Catherine

Posted: May 5, 2022

The Slow Bloom logo. Photo credit: Off the 10

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