Popsicle Party

Mansion Memories’ Pop Up Popsicle Parties bring joy to Redlands kids

Mansion Memories continues to find creative ways to bring joy to Redlands kids during the pandemic — and their latest recurring event involves sweet treats.

This summer, Mansion Memories started holding Pop Up Popsicle Parties (PUPPs), bringing the Atomic Cherry ice cream truck to agencies it partners with, like the Redlands YMCA and Redlands Boys & Girls Club. Volunteers dressed up as classic storybook characters also came along, safely interacting with the children while they enjoyed their popsicles. 

A princess interacts with kids during a Pop Up Popsicle Party. Photo: Mansion Memories

Prior to the pandemic, Mansion Memories held their fantastical Magical Day events at the Burrage Mansion, open to local kids who are experiencing a social, economic, or health-related crisis and their immediate families. Once COVID-19 hit, Mansion Memories Executive Director Dianna Lawson started organizing virtual programs for families to participate in from home, as well as drive-thru adventures at the Burrage Mansion. The idea for PUPPs came as the temperatures started to rise and Mansion Memories wanted to do something fun for kids.

“These PUPPs have been so good for everyone involved,” Lawson said. “We follow all the COVID rules, and everyone involved just has such a good time. The kids really need this since so much has been taken away from them since COVID hit. We are very thankful to our volunteers and supporters who make these PUPPs possible.”

The next PUPP will be held this weekend at Thrive, a nonprofit organization in Redlands for single moms. —Catherine

Posted: August 10, 2021

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