Rui's Shanghai Bistro

Rui’s Shanghai Bistro offers traditional — and tasty — fare

With reasonable prices and a safe pick-up system, Rui’s Shanghai Bistro is the perfect place to grab a delicious to-go meal.

Standout menu items include the Shanghai style noodles, a comforting dish boasting a rich, deep sauce, as well as the fried wontons, filled with ground chicken and accompanied by a sweet sauce. There are dozens of traditional dishes on the menu, in addition to extensive vegetarian options, and don’t worry about ordering too much — the portions are substantial and leftovers will definitely taste just as good the next day. For those feeding multiple people, the Family Meals — which come with appetizers, soup, noodles or fried rice, main dishes, and drinks — are a bargain.

Rui’s Shanghai Bistro is at 1711 W. Lugonia Ave. #101, Redlands. Learn more about the restaurant here. —Catherine

Posted: Jan. 20, 2021

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