Kids use a telescope at Camp Einstein

Redlands kids explore the heavens at Camp Einstein

Local kids learned about space exploration and explored the heavens themselves at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Redlands-Riverside’s Camp Einstein.

Boys’ camp was held July 8-9, with girls’ camp running July 11-12, both at the Burrage Mansion. Over the course of the overnight STEM camp, participants made and launched bottle rockets, built and programmed a Lego rover, and looked at the moon and stars through telescopes.

rocket cropped

The telescopes were purchased by the Redlands Elks Lodge with national Elks grant funds. Seven Elks volunteers and local astronomy enthusiast Bill Patton brought their telescopes each night of camp and helped the kids view the moon, constellations, Saturn and Jupiter.

“For all of us, seeing the kids’ reactions to viewing the moon and more in the telescopes that we provided was a memorable experience,” Elks member John Fulton said. “In fact, it even inspired a couple of our members to get more involved in astronomy, as well.”

Along with science activities, campers also participated in outdoor games and campfire time. Camp Einstein has a different theme each year and aims to support summer learning by teaching kids about science, technology, engineering and math in fun, hands-on ways. The Club charges a minimal fee so any school-age kid can participate. —Joy

Posted: July 26, 2019

Kids use Legos

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