A student moving in to the University of Redlands.

University of Redlands welcomes 838 new Bulldogs

Wednesday was move-in day at the University of Redlands, and these new Bulldogs had a busy day.


In addition to moving into their residence halls, students explored the campus, met their new roommates and professors, and learned the Och Tamale yell. In the Memorial Chapel, President Ralph Kuncl greeted the students, and shared with them how their lives are about to change.

Ralph Kuncl

“Here at Redlands, you will test yourselves by taking intellectual risks, you will grow by embracing interactions with mentors and with other students, and you will find answers to your questions by delving into nuanced layers of understanding in your courses,” he said. “Here at Redlands, you will not only discover responsibility, you will also find ways to express yourselves fully, with resilience, patience, and accountability.”

There are 747 first-year students, and 91 transfer students, starting this fall. It’s the university’s 111th academic year. —Catherine

The Class of 2022.

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