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Regulars share advice on how to best enjoy the Redlands Dog Park

Since 2011, the Redlands Dog Park has provided a space for canines and humans to socialize and get some exercise. 

Two dogs playing.

The Redlands Dog Park is inside Ford Park, near the Fire Prevention Gardens. There are two areas: one for small dogs, and another for big dogs. The park was created by Redlands Unleashed Fido and Friends (RUFF) and made possible through generous donations. When visiting, it’s important not to wear your Sunday best — you might meet a dog who slobbers, sheds, or just rolled around in the mud — and make note of the complimentary sanitary bags for picking up waste.

Jason, who recently moved to Redlands from Riverside, said most people are good about picking up after their dogs, but when he accidentally steps on a landmine, “it’s annoying. I pick up after my dogs. They should too.”

Jessica said people who come to the dog park should also be mindful of their children. “I have seen dogs knock adults off their feet,” she said. “It’s not a petting zoo, make sure you are watching your kids and don’t assume every dog is okay with children grabbing them.” 

Jessica’s advice is to keep children under 10 next to you at all times.

“No one wants anything bad to happen to anyone, but dogs don’t pay attention when they are playing,” she said. “They just want to get out and run.” 

Dogs, like people, can sometimes get overwhelmed, Katherine shared. Everyone just wants to get out and have some fun, but it’s important to make sure your dog is caught up on vaccines, isn’t sick, and actually enjoys spending time with other dogs. 

“If your dog gets overwhelmed, take them home,” she said. “Buddy loves the dog park, until he doesn’t. He usually lets me know when it’s time to leave. There are just some days he wants to go home and nap.” —Winry

A bench inside the Redlands Dog Park.

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