Bowl Associates trying something new with Aug. 4 fundraiser

The Associates of the Redlands Bowl decided to try a new fundraising tactic — one that involves dropping golf balls from a helicopter.

During the $100,000 Golf Ball Drop and ParTee on August 4, a helicopter will hover above a target at the Redlands Country Club. There will be numbered golf balls inside the helicopter, which will be released from the air. The golf balls cost $25 for one, $100 for five, or $1,000 for 60, and the ball that lands closest to the target wins the owner $2,500. Before the golf balls are dropped, five numbers will be selected, and if the winning golf ball is one of those, the owner wins $100,000. 

After the ball drop at 5:30 p.m., dinner will be served inside the Redlands Country Club; tickets are $50. The Bowl Associates raise money to support the Redlands Community Music Association, and the $100,000 Golf Ball Drop and ParTee is a new event for the organization. Can’t make it? You can still participate in the ball drop, as the winner does not need to be present to win. To RSVP and purchase golf balls and dinner, click here. —Catherine

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