Redlands Community Hospital’s Emergency Department just had a baby boom

There’s been a baby boom at the Redlands Community Hospital Emergency Department.

RCH Marketing Manager Nikyah Thomas-Pfeiffer posted on Facebook that over the last year, 20 staffers, two physician assistants, and two physicians have all given birth. Right before the 4th of July, the group gathered in front of the ER for a photo, their new daughters and sons all dolled up in their best red, white, and blue ensembles.

In a statement, the department’s director, Pam Allen, said it’s been a “joyous” time, “seeing so many happy parents and their adorable, happy babies.”

Pictured from left: Ashley Stemley, physician assistant; Katie Agre, RN; Iliana Pinon, RN; Kimmy Williams, RN; Kayli Muir, licensed social worker; Jessica Edgar, RN; Rosalba Andrade, RN; Erica Arroyo-Passic, patient access; Jennifer Velenzuela, RN; Dr. Shanna Newbold; Sara Johnson, physician assistant; and Cathy Hill, RN. (Photo Credit: Nikyah Thomas-Pfeiffer, Redlands Community Hospital)

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