Augie’s 2.0 opens on a caffeinated high note

Whether you’re an Augie’s addict or you don’t live under a rock, by now you’ve heard about the coffee shop’s eviction from its iconic red building in downtown Redlands.

In a phenomenal and tremendous feat, the Augie’s employees, in just three weeks, managed to secure a new location, get it ready for customers, and keep it a secret (sort of), all while keeping the red building up and running.

I need a coffee just thinking about it.


Augie’s 2.0 opened Tuesday to an endless line of loyal and curious customers. Located in the Citibank building on east State Street, Augie’s 2.0 occupies the space that was once the State Street Deli. Spacious and bright with floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s a lot easier to breathe in the new location. With more elbow room, high school and college students alike will no longer have to jostle for space to study or hang out in groups. Complete with an outdoor patio, which features even more seating, I foresee Augie’s concerts and slam poetry nights in the future. The possibilities are endless.

In the spirit of the new location, I decided to try something new as well, so I ordered an iced chai (I usually get hot chai, and I’m a chicken about trying new beverages). It was a delicious pick-me-up that got me through an afternoon of errands and gym time while surviving the too-warm weather. Chai is truly the perfect option for those who aren’t coffee fans or those who probably don’t need that fifth cup of coffee.


Though I had to skedaddle, dozens of other patrons hung around, occupying every seat in the coffee shop. Tidbits of appreciative conversation floated through the espresso-scented air: “the employees put this together so fast,” “it feels so nice in here with the A/C,” “I love how open and bright this place is.”

Overall, the only thing that has changed about Augie’s is its new location. The baristas are still friendly, the patrons are still cheerful, and the coffee is still scrumptious. Though we will miss the old red building, the community we created within its walls is just as strong as ever. —Taylor