Augie’s fans react to news of eviction: “I’m devastated”

W hen Augie’s announced on Instagram that they would be leaving their iconic red building in downtown Redlands, fans of the coffee shop had a universal reaction: Shock.

“Augie’s revitalized downtown Redlands, and many of their customers have been drinking their coffee since they opened the shop,” Katie Olson said. “It’s not just a business leaving downtown Redlands, it’s an entire community.”


Last week, Augie’s revealed that after 10 years in their original location, they were being evicted “without cause or proper notice. The landlord has big plans for our little red building and after a year of nearly no communication, we recently found out that we will be forced to leave by the end of the month.” 

Augie’s, which also has locations in Riverside, Claremont, and Temecula, is “working very hard at the moment on a new location in downtown,” and also planning on opening another shop inside the Sprouts shopping center. 

The Instagram post announcing the eviction has racked up more than 4,000 likes and 1,000 comments, and customers have been flocking to the shop since the news broke, with the line out the door. 

“I am devastated,” Damara Pratt, a recent University of Redlands graduate, said. “I must’ve written 100 pages at an Augie’s table or bar seat this past year.” Another recent graduate, Noah Sylvester, said that Augie’s “was quite literally a huge factor in helping me decide where I wanted to go to school. I’m going to be crying into my Augie’s socks for a while.”

UPDATE: Augie’s announced it is moving down the street, to 300 E. State St., Suite 100, inside the Citibank building.


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